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Are you looking for Chinese acrobats or complete Chinese Acrobat Shows? China Cian Acrobat Agency offers some of China's best acts and shows. Compared to the other Chinese acrobat agencies we have a Western approach to business which makes booking Chinese acts or show a lot easier for many circuses, amusement parcs and producers. Feel free to contact us, we are happy to awnser your requests and questions.

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China Cian Acrobatic Agency
No. 55 Guang QuMen North st.
Chong Wen District
Beijing China
P.C. 100062

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China Cian Acrobat Agency

China Cian Acrobat Agency

Our European approach to business makes us the partner for booking Chinese acrobats or complete shows. More and more circuses, amusement parcs and variety theatres have become long lasting clients. From 2004 till now, our clients spread from Asia to Europe, they are from more than 20 countries.

China Cian Acorbatic Agency looks forward to serving you if you are looking for Chinese acrobatic artists in any of the following: circus, theater, parks etc., please ge in touch with our agent on the contact part of our website, or write an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   for more information, our staff will be very happy to help you to plan your event.   

China Cian Acrobatic Agency will fulfill any needs from circus, entertainment park, theaters. You can have a show or pick and choose any solo group of acts. Feel free to browse around this site. If you have comments or questions about our acts, services or simply need more information, please click on the contact button within this site.

Chinese Acrobats

The Chinese acrobatics has a long history and rich national flavor. It is one of the art forms most popular among the Chinese people. In a broad sense, acrobatics is the collective name of various kinds of feats.

Chinese acrobatics form their unique artistic characteristics:  much attention to the training of waist, leg and head feats; stability in dangerous movements, quietness in actions; producing something strange out of something plain;  attention to both heavy and light, hard and soft skills.; (5) combination of much strength and spry and light somersault skills; and (6) good adaptability.

All these artistic characteristics help form the unique charm of Chinese acrobatics. In recent years, Chinese acrobats won prizes in many international competitions, and China was internationally recognized as the No.1 Country of Acrobatics.

Show Productions

From a single act to a whole show, we have been working on making Chinese traditional acrobatics to be more international, more modern.

Many of our audience say it is the first time that the  Chinese acrobatics are not like Chinese. This is what the difference of us from other agencies.

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Hoop Diving from Russian Swing
Swaying Chinese Poles
Hat juggling
Swaying poles
Hoop diving
Umbrella juggling
Ballet on shoulders
Trampoline and hoop combination
Chair balance
Ring perche
Hoop diving
Bounce Juggling
Elastic tissues
Spinning plates
Mask illusions
Hat juggling
Hoop diving
Handstand Duo
Hat Juggling
Hoop Diving
Rolling Rings
Trampoline and Chinese poles